Dr. Wehling & Partner

Regenerative orthopedics and pain medicine

Targeted. Autologous. Physiological.

Prof. (USA) Dr. Peter Wehling

Founder of the Regenokine® Program

Peter Wehling, MD, PhD

Prof. (USA) Dr. Peter Wehling is a specialist for orthopedics, sports medicine and pain management from Düsseldorf, Germany. Dr. Wehling invented and established the Regenokine® Program.

Together with a team of international experts, Dr. Wehling has significantly shaped the growing field of molecular orthopedics through pioneering that many orthopedic diseases are not merely wear and tear. Rather, they are linked to biomolecular changes, such as inflammation, oxidative stress and regenerative deficiency.

Peter Wehling’s expertise focuses on non-surgical, targeted approaches engaging the abilities of the patients’ immune system. This way, the overarching goal is to restore natural balance and healthy conditions in diseased tissue in a sustainable as well as gentle manner.

Our Vision

Altering the Process of aging and empowering people to restore their youthful biology

We want to create a world where aging and pain no longer have a negative impact on quality of life by significantly slowing or reversing the underlying processes of diseases and pain.


From Molecules to Treatments

Our Philosophy & Approaches

  • Understanding the significance of biomolecular changes as fundamental mechanisms of pain and orthopedic diseases 

  • Uniting aspects of regenerative medicine and biomolecular science into treatments

  • Engaging autologous mechanisms and effector molecules of the patient’s own immune system

  • Translating discovered insights into targeted treatments for patients in need with the intent to restore natural balance in diseased tissue

  • Knowledge of the link between physical and psychological factors

  • Targeting not merely the symptoms, but more importantly also the underlying biological mechanisms of orthopedic diseases and pain


Customized & Targeted Treatments

Multimodal treatment programs are personalized to the individual needs and demands of our patients. The programs involve a variety of elements regarding precise diagnostics, unique and sustainable therapeutic elements and lifestyle measures.

The core of our programs involve injection therapies with autologous mediators as therapeutic molecules.


Utilizing autologous mechanisms and harvesting molecules involved in repair


Addressing fundamental biological causes besides managing symptoms


Tailoring holistic programs to individual needs and demands

Exclusive Service

Providing precise diagnostics and treatments on demand

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