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The Concept


Customized optimization for golden agers to professional athletes

Our Services and Core Competence

We focus on individualized treatments on demand for patients in need. Since Our clinic concentrates on quality and accuracy we can only accept a limited number of patients. This way we meet the highest expectations and Demands of our patients.

Our concepts involve multimodal treatment programs built from a variety of elements regarding precise diagnostics, unique and sustainable therapeutic elements and lifestyle measures. A customized combination of treatment elements is geared towards the personal needs of each patient.

The core of our programs involves patented injection therapies with multi-faceted and sustainable modes of action through a diverse orchestra of autologous mediators. Herewith, the programs unites aspects of regenerative medicine and biomolecular science. Through innovative and comprehensive approaches, we define a novel treatment alternative to conventional non-surgical therapies as well as surgery.

 With in-depth diagnostics and unique and personalized treatments, Dr. Peter Wehling has become an international expert taking care of renowned professional athletes of all kinds of sports. His programs showed to have positive effects on injury-related downtime and career extension in individual professional athletes. The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and the German Anti-Doping Agency (NADA) have classified the programs as non-doping procedures.

Our treatment approaches distinctly differ from ones pursued by PRP and stem cell treatment

inflammation and regenerative deficiency often play a decisive role

Musculoskeletal Conditions and the Limitations of Available Treatments

Molecular orthopedics has long shown that many orthopedic diseases are conditions not merely generated by mechanical wear and tear but result from a complex interplay of mechanical, molecular and biochemical signals.

Most orthopedic diseases are impacted by inflammation, other biomolecular changes and often regenerative deficiency in the short- or long-term. These factors are ascribed to diseases of any tissue type including joints, nerves, muscles, tendons.

To give an example: Osteoarthritis is a highly prevalent chronic disease with rising incidence, that could potentially affect anyone throughout lifetime. Osteoarthritis is commonly perceived as a widespread incurable but harmless condition. However, the disease actually constitutes an undervalued international health crisis. Osteoarthritis is associated with severe individual suffering, serious comorbidities, premature mortality and a large financial socioeconomic burden (OARSI White Paper, 2016).

Currently approved treatment options are largely palliative (suppressing symptoms) without a regenerative effect. By scientific consensus, the spectrum of currently available treatments is limited and lacks appropriate efficacy as well as safety. Many are associated with severe risks including cardiovascular diseases, gastric bleeding, persistent disability and premature death. Analgesics overuse cannot merely lead to severe consequences individually but also socioeconomically, as the opioid crisis has demonstrated.

Generally speaking, the critical unmet medical need in orthopedic diseases –with osteoarthritis as an exemplar disease– needs to be addressed efficiently, at the core of the problem and not only by suppressing symptoms until surgery is said to be unavoidable.

We intend to address these issues with our methods in a scientific, robust manner

Conditions Impacted by Inflammation and Diminished Regeneration

Independent of tissue (e.g. muscles, joints, tendons, nerves), inflammation, oxidative stress and regenerative deficiency can play a decisive role in the development and progression of pain and the orthopedic disease. Examples include, but are not limited to:



Cartilage defects

Meniscus tears


Facet osteoarthritis

Spinal canal stenosis

Disc prolapse

Nerve root irritation



Labrum tear

Impingement syndrome



Impingement  syndrome

Rotator cuff injuries

Frozen shoulder



Golfer´s-/Tennis elbow


Any joints of fingers and hands afflicted with osteoarthritis or other inflammatory diseases



Impingement syndrome




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