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 Prof. (USA) Dr. Peter Wehling co-pioneered the significance of biomolecular changes, including chronic inflammation and regenerative deficiency, as fundamental drivers for many orthopedic diseases, such as osteoarthritis, cartilage defects, shoulder impingement, degenerative spine diseases and autoimmune disorders. Dr. Wehling continuously thrived to understand the fundamental molecular causes for pain and disease development and progression. For this can enable targeted, state-of-the-art treatments addressing symptoms as well as disease-associated molecular mechanisms at the root of the cause.

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Utilizing the total potential of the immune system

Principal to Dr. Wehling’s research and treatment approaches are methods engaging regenerative mechanisms, stimulating and harvesting autologous mediators with the intent to utilize those as therapeutic effect molecules.

These methods are characterized by standardized processing of the patient’s own blood to deliver a multitude of autologous mediators released from cells of the immune system, including growth factors and cytokines. In this manner, they choose the goal to restore the physiological and balanced status in diseased tissue with long-term effects on the main clinical parameters.

Our treatment approaches distinctly differ from ones pursued by PRP and stem cell treatment

Our science and technologies are subject of various scientific studies as well as reports and discussions in specialists journals worldwide. To the present day, more than 130 scientific publications were issued.


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